Where’s my delivery?

We generally send out parcels within 24 hours of receiving the order.

Items are sent through Royal Mail and are expected to reach you within 2-3 working days, after being dispatched. However, due to COVID-19 there has been the occasional delay or disruption.If you’re item has not reached you within a reasonable timeframe ( given a day or two for delays) please contact us and we can check your postage code on Royal Mail track and trace. This will inform us if the parcel arrived or an attempt was made to deliver your package but you were not in.

What if Royal Mail say they have delivered but I haven’t got my parcel?

  • Check with a member of your household or a neighbour who may have taken the package in for you.
  • Check if the item was left in a safe place.
  • Has Royal Mail left a attempt delivery card. If so, follow the instructions.
  • Go on Royal Mail track and trace with tracking number (postage code). They may ask you to rearrange a re-delivery date.
  • Contact Royal Mail to enquire.

Lost post

Occasionally, a package may get lost in the post. Royal Mail usually expect us to wait 2 weeks to make a claim. If this is the case, we will either refund or send a replacement item.

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